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Super Good: Teeth Love To Laugh (Black) T-Shirt

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Printed on American Apparel t-shirts.

In Japanese, the word for "tooth" is "ha". Text says: "Hahahaha"

Little known facts about teeth and laughing:

- They're not ticklish (it's a survival mechanism; you'd never be able to floss! ...but I guess that's moot for most people.)

- Their favorite comedians: Phyllis Diller and Andrew Dice Clay

This applies to all teeth, ever. Except for soulless dentures. They have no sense of humor.

And now you know.

- Bonus dental-related jokes:

Q: Why was the tooth afraid of the hardware store?
A: Because they started hiring ex-cons from a work release program and he did not trust that they were properly rehabilitated.

Q: What did the tooth use instead of glue?
A: Two-part epoxy. The bond is stronger.

Q: What did the King of Teeth wear on his head?
A: Nothing, teeth are inanimate objects and these jokes are terrible.

This silly bilingual play on words is printed on American Apparel tees in girly and unisex sizes in Royal Blue or Black!