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Super Good: I Am Fancy T-Shirt

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Printed on American Apparel t-shirts.

For those that tire of having to find (or just wear) "formal attire" for fancy shmancy dinners/events, perhaps this is just the shirt for you! The waiter might be like, "HEY, THAT IS NOT SUITABLE ATTIRE FOR OUR CLASSY RESTAURANT ESTABLISHMENT PLACE OF BUSINESS!!!"

And you can be all, "WHATEVAH!!! CHECK THE SHIRT, YO."

Featuring a finely groomed moustache, tie, AND monocle, this shirt offers all the fancy shmancy-ness needed for any formal event you might need to attend.

Think of it like those tuxedo t-shirts, with slightly less shame.

Silkscreened, available in black, on AA t-shirts in girly and unisex sizes!