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Super Good: French Fry Love (Red) Girly T-Shirt

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Printed on American Apparel girly t-shirts.

I don't know why Frenchy's looking so sad, with all the french fry consumption occurring, it's the girl who's going to get her heart BROKEN!!!!!

Yes. Anyhoo. Please enjoy this t-shaped garment top featuring a young child and/or an old woman with the Benjamin Button disease, partaking in the delicious fried innards of our good friend, Frenchy the box of french fries (who was abducted on his way to the grocery store).

Rest assured, his wife will be notified of this matter, and the fact that milk, eggs, and Gold Bond Medicated Powder will still need to be purchased from the store.

This morbidly appetizing shirt is printed on American Apparel tees in girly and unisex sizes!